resource centre

Ballyfermot Family Resource Centre(BFRC) is situated in Lower Ballyfermot in a former school premises. It aims to promote and enhance the personal, social, educational and economic development of the individuals and families who participate in the activities of the Centre. The provision of a wide range of integrated services and activities support the development of individuals and families at all stages of the life cycle.

The BFRC provides a wide range of services as well as space to outside organisations  that provide critically needed services to the  surrounding community. Programs taking place at the BFRC include job training, child care, senior citizen activities, classes for adults with learning disabilities and individual and family crisis support. Additionally, the centre operates as a café that is open to the public and helps fund some of their work.

  • Over 250 families are supported by the BFRC on an annual basis.
  • 82 local children benefit from the BFRC daily.
  • 65 adults use the Centre every day.

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